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Bitcoin as Decentralized NoSQL Database

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1. Learn Bitdb Query Language

Learn how to make queries to Bitdb:

Bitdb Query Language Docs

Explore some example queries:

Explore Demos

2. Experiment with Queries

Try experimenting with your own queries with query explorer.

Open Query Explorer

3. Make API Calls from Your App

The API consists of just a single URL endpoint. There are only three things to remember:

  1. Construct a JSON query: Construct a query in JSON, following Bitquery specification.
  2. Determine the API URL from the JSON query:[BASE64 ENCODED JSON QUERY]
  3. Make an HTTP GET request with your API key in the header: Set the key header with your API key

in browser:

var query = {
  v: 3,
  q: { find: {}, limit: 5 }
var b64 = btoa(JSON.stringify(query));
var url = "" + b64;

var header = {
  headers: { key: "qq0us3wl29k4fp5duazk55sf7hd9ju30958fsupdfg" }

fetch(url, header).then(function(r) {
  return r.json()
}).then(function(r) {
  var result = JSON.stringify(r, null, 2);
  document.querySelector("pre").innerHTML = result;


var axios = require('axios')
var query = {
  v: 3,
  q: { find: {}, limit: 5 }
var s = JSON.stringify(query);
var b64 = Buffer.from(s).toString('base64');
var url = "" + b64;

var header = {
  headers: { key: "qq0us3wl29k4fp5duazk55sf7hd9ju30958fsupdfg" }

axios.get(url, header).then(function(r) {
  console.log("Fetched: ",

4. Join the Community

Join the chatroom to share what you're working on, ask questions, and even contribute to the project!

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